What does Elon Musk and China have in common? – They got covered by Ryan Ray on the ENB Podcast

Ryan Ray, CEO, Presidential Candidate, China expert, podcast legend,  the man’s fashion standard, and the all-around good guy stopped by the Energy News Beat Podcast. For our regular monthly check-in with Ryan, we have our normal great humor and learn about some things in China.

We cover the ending honeymoon for Tesla in China, and have a great time! The automatic transcription is below, and we will only acknowledge any errors if they make us look any smarter.

Thank you Ryan for stopping by, and looking forward to having you back! Also, stay tuned for a really fun event with Ben Samuels and a special guest for a Podcast team smack around!


Stu Turley [00:00:07] Welcome to the Energy News  Beat podcast, this is a really, really special day, I’m excited about it. My name is Stu Turley, President,  Sandstone Group, and we have a fabulous guest today, Ryan Ray. He is the podcast aficionado. He is a presidential candidate. And I mean, this man has some great things going on. Welcome, Ryan. How are you


The Ryan Ray [00:00:36] doing? I’m a little bit insulted. Why do you presume I want to get two-point twenty-four? I mean, listen.


Stu Turley [00:00:43] Nothing. OK? Yeah, right.


The Ryan Ray [00:00:45] I am a perpetual presidential candidate. OK, so let’s work on that just a little bit. I’ll have my people who are your people. But the former is not. You know, I am running in 2024. I will announce right here on the energy news beat. I am running in twenty twenty-four. So there you go.


Stu Turley [00:01:03] And our last. This is our regular China update. Ryan, for every month you and I have this, you’re so gracious of your time because you’re a China expert and our


The Ryan Ray [00:01:15] now we’re definitely like,


Stu Turley [00:01:18] well, I just want to bring up our listeners in case they missed both of our listeners in case they missed the other one. And that is we had fun at your expense with fracking a whale, you could not sell your Texas accent as cool as the first thing. The second thing is you decided to be the head of the CCP and Taco Tuesday was going to be all. And we’re all in on that. Right. And producer Mike came up with me being the secretary of defense, and he was going to be the secretary of media. So then we had you have a great live show every day with Ben and it’s running off the rails. Moynihan, It is going off the rails. Yeah, mornings off the rails. I’ll tell you what, you guys are a hoot, and I’m going to you again. You took down Dallas on the power on Urca. This I am not kidding you. I’m sitting there watching you and I’m impressed. Your stand-up desk. Oh, cool. Yeah, I look, I had to go get one. Would you hit that? Hello. Hey, what’s this music playing Jim? I mean, I’m like I got Ryan Ray on my drugs going on here. The desk comes up and what happens? You freeze your Internet, come down warnings on Bercot, they have no power, and start a brownout in half of Texas because your power in your office is just going nuts.


The Ryan Ray [00:03:00] I don’t apologize. I don’t apologize. First off, you know that I’m a regular producing content, so they need to have the grid ready for my schedule so I can’t get enough. Second off, this desk is made from one hundred percent recycled Coca-Cola cans and is eco friendly, is green friendly, it’s blue friendly, it’s friendly. And so the fact that it takes such a green, I can’t help. But it’s equally it’s eco friendly,


Stu Turley [00:03:29] but it sounds like it would be a Tesla battery. And so it could when it starts a fire, it’s going to keep burning.


The Ryan Ray [00:03:36] Oh, yes, absolutely. Absolutely. Whole neighborhoods go in if this thing catches.


Stu Turley [00:03:40] OK, so instead, burn, drill, baby, drill. You’ve got burn, baby, burn. That’s exactly right. Anyway, well, I think


The Ryan Ray [00:03:47] what we’re going to show, I got to give you big kudos, is that you have brought me on. I think it’s the second or third time. And so I really appreciate that, especially when you’re landing guests like George Friedman because he came on the week after I did, I’m like, well, I won’t be going to call back. So congratulations. That’s a huge, huge grab and a great guest.


Stu Turley [00:04:10] Oh, he is phenomenal. We’ve had on everything else about 6000 views on that one. And I know that’s not much for you. I know that he has nothing. But that was my second interview with him. And I and I thoroughly enjoy him. In fact, he and I are going to go to Austin. Has he said the barbecue’s ready? I’ll invite you and you and I can go have a barbecue with


The Ryan Ray [00:04:38] the European flashpoints. And I thought they wouldn’t come about. It has to be one. I thought, oh, there’s no way I’ll ever get a guest like that. And so maybe I need to say, hey, they brought you in and they brought me in. So you should come once you use that logic to get them on. That’s my version.


Stu Turley [00:04:54] OK, I know people.


The Ryan Ray [00:04:57] You know


Stu Turley [00:04:58] everyone. Yeah. Yeah. Ted Cruz. I’m worthless. Well, I am worthless compared to the almighty mighty great Ryan. So come on. Come on. OK, all right. I know both of my fans are absolutely bored out of their mind right now, so. With all the things that are going on with China, Bloomberg yesterday put out two absolutely hilarious problems with China. And since I know you’re the China expert, one of them. Oh, hey, hey, hey, you know more than I do. I steal all your material. That’s what normally happens


The Ryan Ray [00:05:36] when you say that you’re stealing my line. That is the truest form of stealing. That’s my line about you know, people don’t realize when you say that that is is that is like to the core stealing my material,


Stu Turley [00:05:51] you know, that we can’t get away from anything on this. OK, the first article was about what’s happening with Tesla in China. You know, Tesla has had the whole honeymoon and all of that kind of stuff, and they’ve run into some serious problems over the bit with the batteries blowed up, as we say, in Texas. I can say that because I’m sitting here in Texas. So they blow it up. And what I don’t understand is they had a protester stand up on a Tesla and the CCP let it go. I don’t understand that. Normally they shut all that kind of stuff down. And so do you think it was a political move for them, saying we’ve lost the love with Tesla to let them go? Hey, there’s a protester standing on a car and they let it go out? I don’t I don’t get


The Ryan Ray [00:06:41] I mean, so if you go back a month or two months ago, you know, China dropped this and they’re like Tesla’s you know, we’re really concerned about Tesla’s spying on our government officials who drive in military officials who drive their cars. And it was a very, very shrewd move. Yes, because if you are sitting there in America like, wait, wait, wait, China is worried about spying. O- on what’s going on here, you know, I didn’t know about this. What are they spying on? Me too, because, you know, like in spying going on. Right.


Stu Turley [00:07:18] I’m turning my phones off so my app doesn’t record us. Exactly.


The Ryan Ray [00:07:24] Exactly. So I thought China that was kind of I thought that was the first card they played because you had the whole car catching on fire incident. Well, but the pushback on China towards Tesla has been something to watch. And I think it’s interesting because Elon Musk if you just kind of followed him to a covid, what he said was, you know, he got all over California for shutting down and he wants to back up, arrest me, not them, which isn’t brother that talking going to work in China that I that that ain’t going to work. And so it’s funny to watch these men who have this big bravado and be clear, I’m not saying you should or shouldn’t criticize China. I’m saying at the end of the day, what follows him and he does it. He won’t criticize China because of two things. One, he has, to my knowledge, the only it could be wrong. But I think at last time I looked the only car plant in China is wholly owned by a foreign company. Right.


Stu Turley [00:08:24] So although I believe you’re right, there are four others or three others that are there, but they’re partially right.


The Ryan Ray [00:08:31] So so he has that going for him and to lose that would be a big blow. Another thing is he’s dependent on the Chinese for the rare earth minerals for their batteries. So he is real and I know now, to be clear, Elon might love them. He might hate them. I have no idea what he’s thinking. I’m just saying that the money behind what he’s doing has to at least question some of the things he says and does. And if you look at his stance on crypto, it’s like, does he really have a belief in crypto? Is are the Chinese pushing back on him? And to think that that doesn’t happen, the American standpoint would be naive. They didn’t push back on our CEOs and executives in other industries. So is he susceptible to pressure? Is this a question that his investors should be asking?


Stu Turley [00:09:16] OK, I had an epiphany, which is rare. OK, what? Oh, yeah. You just gave me the body language like, yeah, you’re an idiot. I saw that the eyebrows go up and it’s the Ryan Ray. Yeah, I


The Ryan Ray [00:09:31] was agreeing with you. Do we disagree?


Stu Turley [00:09:33] OK, no, absolutely not. OK, here’s the thing. What she did, Ellen, go ahead and create rockets so he can get out in outer space to mine all the asteroids for rare earth. The man’s brilliant mining, as you know, asteroids to get away from China.


The Ryan Ray [00:09:55] OK, no, no. I tell you, I am the fuddy-duddy on the rocket stuff. I’ll put my tent up above the tinfoil hat on here. It’s a large one cause I’ve got a big melon. I think that most of the rocket stuff is just propaganda and tax write-offs. I mean, I really do. Unless you’re putting a. Lights in low orbit beyond that, how many people can reasonably afford to fly around the Earth in a private vehicle? Not meeting right


Stu Turley [00:10:26] now at less than one percent, it’s probably the point o nine percent


The Ryan Ray [00:10:31] exactly. So it’s not like that’s a long-term business model. We can barely get to flights that are affordable. You’re not going to leave an atmosphere that’s affordable. So, so, so there is no business there. Let’s be clear. There is no business that today, not tomorrow, not any money that’s out of business. So they say will go to Mars. OK, well, unless the government is going to fund you perpetually, there’s no business in going to Mars. So all of this is really just a way to leech money from the government to fund things that never actually work. Now, listen, he’s got the flipping rocket that lands on the port and all that stuff. That’s really cool. That’s cool technology. And it shows you that the problem right out-innovate the government sector. But the other day, there’s no money to be made here. This is strictly the government just passing over hundreds of millions or billions of dollars to these companies for nothing. There is no ground on any of this.


Stu Turley [00:11:20] Right. Well. Unless you have. If China is using him to launch spy satellites for your way, I think that it’s a good business model.


The Ryan Ray [00:11:39] Well, now that’s so you know, he’s I don’t know, is he a naturalized citizen in the U.S. because he’s from South Africa? I don’t know if he’s a full-blown just or not. I don’t know.


Stu Turley [00:11:50] I don’t know.


The Ryan Ray [00:11:51] When you talk about the satellite business, that’s one of the businesses that China cannot invest in in the U.S. It’s very much a. Oh, yeah. So so you start getting to that real quickly, money that can’t change hands. And so we were looking at there’s a group that I know that has these low, low orbit satellites and for a seat one, round three, or whatever it was. And, you know, there’s a lot of money come in. They said now we can we can’t even come close to touching that. So he can’t I don’t think they would let him do that. That would be a bridge too far if you will.


Stu Turley [00:12:24] Well, there’s one way around it. And that is the Chinese seem to be stealing all of our other technology, so maybe he gives them the technology after he proves it here and then he gives it to him in order to keep his batteries now.


The Ryan Ray [00:12:42] Know that won’t go well for him.


Stu Turley [00:12:47] All right. In this Bloomberg article, there’s one other thing that was really kind of funny. It says there are new regulatory issues coming as the next commander of the CCP to


The Ryan Ray [00:13:01] try to get the best out of outdated.


Stu Turley [00:13:05] And how in the world are they going to even have regulations over there? They have, you know, child labor working in the mines. I mean, that was kind of funny in that article. OK.


The Ryan Ray [00:13:18] Right. So think of it like this. There’s. When Americans think of regulation, that’s we kind of have this box in which we live and we say, well, when you’ve got child labor going on down there, there’s no regulation or it’s just different regulation. Right. And so they up, down communist, socialist. We call them regulatory matters. So if you want to go move to China and become a citizen, good luck. Less regulation, right? If you want to invest in China, there are certain rules that you Tavurvur So if you follow their regulatory business, is this different than ours? And so, you know, the other thing is, is that I think this is like an April or May of this year or maybe March it was. Tesla is struggling to compete with most Chinese consumers. So what is the long-term viability of Tesla in the Chinese market? I think it’s something that we have to follow as well. And if a regulatory crackdown will make it right, then you’re in trouble here.


Stu Turley [00:14:16] So there are a couple of articles saying that the competition for the EVs over there is really growing. So, I mean, Tesla may not have the only game pony in the game then, right?


The Ryan Ray [00:14:29] My understanding is that Tesla has the best EV in China. But as far as competitive people that they’re buying rule one, they don’t drive very far, but there’s so much cheaper. They don’t get drivers far. So they need to test. They don’t need it. And so they’re not going to buy it. And that’s the other thing, is that the Chinese consumer is not the US consumer. So there are a lot more frugal, typically speaking. And so they will right the upper classes, pretty lavish, but the middle class, which is trying to get along, they’re not gonna go out and buy a Tesla just because they can, just because it’s cool.


Stu Turley [00:14:59] Well, you know, that kind of brings up the second Bloomberg article yesterday, which was a small video. And was it that did that song. You can rule the world. I can just I’m hearing it in my head some anyway. When will China rule the world? And it was kind of interesting. You know you and I talked just a hair. You’ve talked about it on some of your other shows, another podcast with I don’t know if it was Dr. Energy. She is a class act, but you guys do so great with that. The Doctor Energy Show. You guys need to anybody needs to see that that’ll be in the show. Notes on how to watch that one. She is great on her knowledge as well to the test.


The Ryan Ray [00:15:53] That’s why she’s.


Stu Turley [00:15:55] Oh yeah. Yeah. Leaves me out. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I can barely never mind. OK, so in ten years they were talking about can China meet the U.S. economy. And I have two thoughts on that. One, if China does end up growing in the U.S. tanks, I think that it might have a chance. Now, I thought the Democrat demographics in this were absolutely amazing that their population base is getting incredibly older. There are fewer workers and it’s very much like the U.S. That’s why they’re encouraging babies. But they can’t have babies because the middle class and lower class cannot afford babies because everything is so high and they’re going to increase the retirement age. And Ryan, everything in that article is like the same thing in the U.S. So let’s go ahead.


The Ryan Ray [00:17:03] Let’s address the demographic thing,


Stu Turley [00:17:05] OK,


The Ryan Ray [00:17:06] this is kind of a Western construct that we need to think about is you can limit the number of children people have because they were having forced abortions and stuff like that. Not you can not resources you cannot do. So they have more kids and people have more kids. That is a cultural thing. There’s a familial thing that is something that’s either embedded into your people or it’s not so right. The one-China policy, one-child policy to three-child policy. You might see people who go from one to two, but to go to three, if only behind three, but you could to go to three is quite unlikely just from the cultural mindset. Now we have four kids in my wife and four kids. We tell most people have thought, oh my goodness, how do you deal with it? Right. Because it has a cultural mindset. Very few people go, oh, they go, oh, wow. For kids, how do you you know? And so it’s now the circles that we run in. A lot of people have a lot of kids. So for us, it’s all right. But outside of that, in the U.S. is viewed as do you think, can you buy a TV? Do you know? And so I don’t think when you go to China, lifting the policy is going to put three children in each family. Some it might, but not. OK, so the demographic problem is, is there, to your point, raising the retirement, stuff like that? Those are all problems, I suspect. And this is my I’ve been on the record on this for some. And so we’ll see my read of what China is doing if you go back to 2000, we said if you go to China and you open up, they will open up with this. That seemed to be the direction that they were heading on some level until Xi Jinping took over in 2012. Right now, maybe at the speed, we wanted, but they were heading in that direction. Now, again, this is my read. We’ll see. My read is, is that the CCP was a little bit concerned at the speed at which this was going right. It was going a little bit faster than what they wanted. From the Western perspective, it’s pretty slow, but from a ruling party, it’s a ruling party. Think about that. It’s not like we have it’s a one ruling party from their perspective or too fast. So you bring in Xi Jinping now. He’s going to crackdown. He’s going to rule with the iron fist and he pushes this forward. I think if you were to get the CCP top brass in a room and get them to be honest, they would all admit it’s too late. It’s too late for them that the cat’s out of the bag. All they’re trying to do is contain it. Now, a lot of China commentators do not agree with me on this, but I’ll give you two to three examples outside of China to make my case. OK, the first one is that the Saudis last year, I believe it was, changed their policy on minors with getting penalized. I can’t be sure exactly what the penalty was. It was jail or beatings, whips, or whatever.


Stu Turley [00:19:47] The minors, as in kids or minors, is getting


The Ryan Ray [00:19:50] just 17, 18. Eighteen over. Thank you. And they change your policy on how


Stu Turley [00:19:54] that was like fracking away. I didn’t think you know,


The Ryan Ray [00:19:58] I can’t speak either.


Stu Turley [00:20:01] Sorry.


The Ryan Ray [00:20:02] They changed their policy on how they were handling corporate punishment for minors for whatever crime was. This happened at the same time that they rolled out the first-ever VAT tax in the history of Saudi Arabia. OK, those two things are related now. Most commentators are like, look at this and look at this like, no, no, no, no. The Saudis understand that their population has to stay content. So if you’re about to drop out everyone, you better give them something back. Right? Right. OK, that’s what that’s for example. So you have to think in terms of government to run from top-down and they want to make sure they keep people under the thumb. The opposite of that is the North Koreans. The North Koreans do not open up ever. Why? Because the North Koreans know. They know what happens if they open up. What happens? It’s over. It’s over. Right. If they let Twitter into North Korea, it’s over. The game’s over. And so the thing that so China finds itself trying to slow down this progression towards a and I’m not saying Chinese people will American style democracy. I’m saying that the Chinese government is trying to slow down wherever it is that they’re heading because they want to say power. So you look at Hong Kong, you look at Taiwan, look at these other issues. What they’re doing is they’re creating external enemies. They’re raising the tension up so that the wow to China feels like they need the CCP. I don’t think the CCP actually thinks that one hundred years from now, China will look like it will today. And furthermore, I don’t think that one, you know, communism globally will have any real function because I’ll stop rambling at night. I love it in nineteen sixty to speak a year. Whatever was going on in Africa, Saudi Arabia, China, you could not find out about it unless local news was sent to the AP, and AP sent it out in your local paper to try to cover it. You didn’t know today. You know, the pressure that we’re seeing globally on governments is unreal. It’s hard for us to contemplate this. But if you were to take someone who is split, therefore, I mean, you-you’re thirty-seven. I’m thirty-six. So thirty-six and a half who’s thirty-four 1/2 from nineteen sixty-four today they’d go, oh my goodness, wow. You can this is what’s going on here. And if I go watch. OK, I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m on a roll through


Stu Turley [00:22:26] you’re go go go go.


The Ryan Ray [00:22:29] When you go watch the thirty four thirty on O.J. Simpson start off with it starts off with Rodney King and the police brutality in L.A. against the African-American community. Right. Who knew about that outside of L.A.. No one. Right. But today what happens if there’s a cop shooting? There’s a video. Whether you think it’s justified or not, there are videos. So. So what happened in the 60s in our own country? Right. Hard to get away with today because there are so many ways to expose it. So I like all this. Socialism is one thing, the heavy communism, totalitarianism, it’s really in the death throes because they just can’t keep people under wraps anymore. And I’m sorry for the long-winded rant.


Stu Turley [00:23:12] You know, that made a lot of sense, Ryan. And I do appreciate that. And holy smokes. And now I will just give you a little bit of feedback since I am older than.


The Ryan Ray [00:23:22] Dirt and you’re seven, I said, I’m 30, so


Stu Turley [00:23:28] I’ll give you a hug later, dude, when we go have lunch barbecue with Dr. Freeman, OK, my dad was in Vietnam and I hated Vietnam from the standpoint that it was the first war that was actually on TV. But we could not find out what was going on with my dad. So when he was flying missions and getting shot at in Vietnam, we would hear that an EF four was going down, but we wouldn’t know if it was his EF four. So, you know, seeing the F4 Phantom in case anybody wants to know what it is. I mean, it’s a nice plane that goes fast anyway, but we would know. So that was like on the merge that what you’re talking about beforehand. We didn’t know. Then we started knowing and then but we didn’t know what they know. Now when everybody’s in Afghanistan and they give the troops access to communication to come back almost immediately or


The Ryan Ray [00:24:29] the Afghans take out their cell phone and film, what’s happening? And he gets on Twitter, right?


Stu Turley [00:24:34] Right. Yes.


The Ryan Ray [00:24:35] And so it’s we don’t I don’t think anyone really has a grasp of how this should work or the best place for it to work. But if you want the information, it’s right there. And China, I think, understands this better than most. And China understands the most. The scariest thing about China is not nuclear bombs. It’s not the U.S. landing on the beaches and storming. Right. It’s its words, its words.


Stu Turley [00:25:01] What do you mean by words?


The Ryan Ray [00:25:02] to your point about the protests? They don’t. Oh, yes, they don’t know about it. And you can’t control what’s in the head, right? If I start thinking that, you know, I don’t really like this government, you can’t how do you know I’m thinking but if I start saying it and someone else goes, oh, yeah, that’s good. So when they crackdown on protests, they’re going they’re cracking down on ideas, thoughts, words, getting out the way to beat. And I don’t like using this term, but the way to beat the Chinese is are talking about not being rude, ugly just by talking. They don’t like that. That’s what they’re afraid of. That’s why they censor their people. That’s why North Korea doesn’t open up because they don’t want anyone to think what they don’t want them to think. That’s how. So they tell you how to beat them, which is why talking as hard as I used to ask, but it’s that the weapons, the bullets that scare the Chinese government.


Stu Turley [00:25:57] So I’m going to do a parallel with Facebook, Twitter, censoring folks here.


The Ryan Ray [00:26:05] That’s exactly right. I mean, think about that. That’s fantastic. I mean, in our own country, we’re talking about, well, we don’t want whatever you come on the Cuba issue, we don’t want to mission out there. Well, who determines what misinformation is and isn’t, right? I mean, if you are if you follow the history of our belief about how we orbit the sun, there’s been a lot of theories and there still are new theories that are coming out there. So any point in time you could have come and said this is the way that we orbit the sun. And this is why right now, four years later that year, 10 years later, one hundred dollars. Well, that wasn’t exactly right. So was it misinformation back then or not if you questioned it? And so it’s very much very similar. Right.


Stu Turley [00:26:48] Did that ship actually fall off the edge of the earth or did you read it? There was no follow-on development as it went off the edge of the earth, right? Yeah, but. Oh, no, go ahead.


The Ryan Ray [00:27:03] Well, I think the difference between the US and China is that China is trying to have a strategic advantage. Right. So they want to keep these conversations isolated in small pockets so that they can monitor and contain and they’re not built on freedom of, you know, of free speech society. So they’re trying to keep it down. Our society is built on a free-speech society and they’re trying to they’ve seen it can go awry, right? It can go right. There’s no there’s that’s factually true. Can go wrong. Just because you say the right thing doesn’t people will believe you can go awry, but you’re seeing this through Congress. Will we have this pretty much free speech? We have constitutionally free speech. Now we’re debating. What can you say on these platforms or whatnot? What China is going, OK, we don’t want to get to that point.


Stu Turley [00:27:51] Right, because we don’t have the platform.


The Ryan Ray [00:27:53] We don’t. I suspect in all honesty, if you opened up Twitter tomorrow on the CCP, you would have a large portion of people coming out criticizing the CCP. Would you have an even larger portion? Love the CCP? What they don’t want is, are those two groups talking. Right? Right. That’s what they don’t want. But there are plenty of people who love the CCP in China. So there’s a misnomer that some of us perpetuate. Well, you know, they just ready to be they want to be like Texas. Maybe you want to frack. Well, already got it on. You know, that’s not that. Don’t get over there


Stu Turley [00:28:26] or have a desk that takes out cut.


The Ryan Ray [00:28:28] Well, they have yeah. They have their own power issues, to your point. Yes.


Stu Turley [00:28:33] Boy, that’s a whole nother animal. Maybe we can tackle that on the next one. But you know, that one that you talked about is the Democratic demographic dividend. I mean, that is something that’s really critical for had that same kind of issue and they were paying natural citizens to have kids. Yes. So that’s not going to work. And I don’t think and I thought it was kind of funny that they also referred to it as the demographic drag. Yeah, right. Right. As you go from all of that’s not positive. It’s now a drag on the whole thing. And you nailed it with the CCP.


The Ryan Ray [00:29:11] There’s a great book, what to expect when no one’s expecting.


Stu Turley [00:29:16] OK, so who’s the author?


The Ryan Ray [00:29:18] Jonathan Last fast, I think it was I pull up all your talking here, but yeah, it’s a fantastic book that you might, you know, for your listeners who want to who because you will see people thought, well, we need fewer humans. Yeah. OK, good luck with that. Let’s fewer humans as humans mean costs go up unless you somehow bridge that gap.


Stu Turley [00:29:41] Right. Yeah, I know people are tired of me saying this, but I’m all about the disproportionately impacted community and the poor people and the lesser fortunate that always get it in the drive-thru. And it seems like policies are never made. They’re made in the upper echelon and they always impact people the wrong way down here. So it just seems like. Anyway, sorry.


The Ryan Ray [00:30:06] Go ahead, Jonathan. Last is his name.


Stu Turley [00:30:09] Jonathan last when no one’s OK.


The Ryan Ray [00:30:11] Right. But it talks about Europeans up at the top of China’s will in the US.


Stu Turley [00:30:15] Oh, cool. How did you get so smart about China?


The Ryan Ray [00:30:19] I’m not smart on China. Well, I mean, so if you take the whole argument I made about China and the social the about the other fear is just a general thesis I have on totalitarian governments. Right. So I made the same market for China. I made it for North Korea and I made it for Saudi Arabia, which is focused on China. Right. Because I generally think that we overemphasize the West. Well, that’s Chinese culture. That’s North Korean culture. There are cultural differences, to be sure. I think we overemphasize those differences when it comes to just practical human decisions. And so people in power want to stay in power. Right. That’s why our politicians lie to us every day because they want to stay in power, right?


Stu Turley [00:31:03] Oh, absolutely. I think you and Dr. Energy, Dr. Ellen, talked about that with Saudi Aramco, with their having to guarantee that they’re paying the state their dividend. Yeah. And because they got to keep them happy, but they’re going into debt to pay their dividend. I think that was right.


The Ryan Ray [00:31:26] Yes, I think that sounds right. But yeah, I think yes. So if you just apply this principle, people in power, once in power and then you take it to Russia, to Putin, what does it mean Putin? Does that mean that Putin wants a hot war with the U.S.? No, because what’s going to happen, he’s going to lose and he might be either killed in the war or get the Saddam Hussein kind of court that he might be overthrown by those people. He does not want a hot war with the US. It’s not even right, mate. It’s over for him. Right. Unless he really goes off the rocker and even then the people around him. But we’re all going to die. You know, we don’t we all do this. So when you work through that lens. Right. That’s how I think I said on the first I made fun of you. I said I’m philosophical principles, I think is what I said, something like that. And that’s just how I try to think about things. And so it doesn’t mean you’re always right. It just means it’s much easier just how I think about how humans work and then try to work those principles in different scenarios and then try to think about, you know, the Chinese culture. And I don’t want to miss Chinese culture, but trying to understand all that because there are certain things that that they do that are different than us and somebody else out there.


Stu Turley [00:32:36] Oh, no. I think that you’re dead on. Right. Right. And I hate to give you a compliment, but it was Putin who just won a few chess matches against the administration and against Germany and everything else. The Nord Stream two pipeline just came on the Nord Stream. A two-second piece of the pipeline is going to come on shortly. They’re pumping gas right on through and it’s going to go to Germany. So Germany is going back to being hostage on Russia. Russia can then set the tone for gas. Gas prices are going to go up. Russia’s GDP is 30 to 35 percent. Energy export gas. What they’re doing right now, they’re negotiating to put a pipeline into China. Mm hmm. Mm hmm. Go figure that one out. I was like, wow, man, that’s a lot of gas. So anyway, what’s coming around the corner for Ryan? Right. You got any speaking engagements and you get ready for your presidential run in twenty?


The Ryan Ray [00:33:49] Twenty-four people pay me to shut up, not to speak. So I do have on the war on small business, Carol Roth is coming on inside the war room.


Stu Turley [00:33:58] No way.


The Ryan Ray [00:33:59] Yeah, I’m going to record that here in a couple of hours. So that would be fantastic. News podcasts come out.


Stu Turley [00:34:06] This was we’re probably going to have out Thursday or


The Ryan Ray [00:34:08] Friday, but on this podcast comes out, Carol will be on and then


Stu Turley [00:34:12] can you flash the book up again just in case somebody is. You actually read the war on small business, how the government uses the pandemic to crush the backbone of America. Holy smokes, that ought to be a really good lesson. When is it coming out?


The Ryan Ray [00:34:35] It will be out by the time this is out, so OK for today, so tomorrow, but you set this up Thursday, so this be upon.


Stu Turley [00:34:41] So by fantastic. So that all the


The Ryan Ray [00:34:44] guests,


Stu Turley [00:34:44] we’re excited. I’m going to have to beat you to put this out.


The Ryan Ray [00:34:48] Well, make me look bad.


Stu Turley [00:34:50] Make you look good. It’ll be a teaser for your book. But Ryan, that is absolutely fantastic. And I just really, truly enjoy following you and having some serious fun as a podcast or with you. So thank you for coming by. And you’re brilliant on the China stuff. So I do appreciate you having


The Ryan Ray [00:35:11] me and thank you for letting me see all your content. So. Oh, I


Stu Turley [00:35:15] absolutely appreciate your time, Ryan. And I know both of our listeners will enjoy it.


The Ryan Ray [00:35:20] Hey, thank you for the two of you out there from the bottomless Do My Heart. We really appreciate it. Suffered through this along with the both of us. I know you’re here for Stew and you tolerate me, but I really appreciate it.


Stu Turley [00:35:34] Well, we’re going to make sure that this is on our app, which is on the play store, as well as on Google Android as well, too. So in the end, I whatever they’re on both of them. There you go. There’s there. There it is right here. Don’t read the app very often. Look at all those new updates in there. That means you have not opened those.


The Ryan Ray [00:35:58] Busted, busted. I thought I was doing good. I thought I was doing good.


Stu Turley [00:36:07] I love all time anybody opens our app and a new item comes up there, never.


The Ryan Ray [00:36:13] You’ll never see it again. You told me you should have told me. Never again will you see that moves on there. Never again.


Stu Turley [00:36:20] Oh, I’m going to put it out there, Ryan. Ray, take a look at this


The Ryan Ray [00:36:24] or you put out some of this contest. It’s hard for me to keep up.


Stu Turley [00:36:26] Oh, no. You got a lot to steal. Thank you again, Ryan. And we will see you next month. Thank you, brother.



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